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A lakeside village and urban farm designed to surround you with the things that you value – a breathtaking location, a vital and
dynamic community, sustainable thinking, active living, and a place where the best of the world is right at your doorstep.

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  • Flooring
    Making Informed Choices on Hardwood Flooring

    Wooden flooring is often considered one of the most beautiful types of decor you can feature in your home. It can be costly to include such flooring in every room in the house, but many find the investment worthwhile in the long-run. If you move to sell your home after a few years, the sustained wood flooring will increase the sell value, allowing you to recoup your investment and acquire more money for a new house. Alternatively, wood flooring simply looks too good to pass up, in most cases. There are some things to know about hardwood flooring, however, such as choosing sustainable options for the long-run.

  • Relaxed happy senior man and woman sitting on couch at home
    How To Prepare Your Home For Senior Care

    Although there are numerous nursing home health care or retirement facilities for senior care available in Canada, many seniors prefer to live with their families or on their own. If you have a senior loved one who wants to move in with you, proper preparation for your home care is must to make sure that it is comfortable and safe for senior caregiving.

  • no fishing allowed sign isolated on white background
    Moving and Aquariums: Tips for Getting Your Fish There Safely

    Moving across country is difficult and stressful, especially if you have an aquarium or two. If you're hiring movers Victoria, you can count on them to pack and ship your aquarium and equipment to your new home in one piece, but it's up to you to take care of your fin babies. Following are just a few tips you should follow when moving with live fish.

  • london ontario
    Look at the Big Picture when Buying a House

    Buying a house involves looking at every aspect of your life. Education, community, shopping, culture and a stable economy should be wrapped up into the final decision. Rooms can be redecorated and bathrooms expanded, but how you feel about the area will guarantee a content and bright future. London Ontario homes for sale can offer more than a foundation with a structure attached.