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A lakeside village and urban farm designed to surround you with the things that you value – a breathtaking location, a vital and
dynamic community, sustainable thinking, active living, and a place where the best of the world is right at your doorstep.

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  • White Apartment With Windows and Balconies PEX
    Factors to Consider Before Renting Furnished Apartments

    Furnished apartments Vancouver are not always ideal, but can sometimes be your best bet. Imagine moving out to a new location for a vacation, education or employment reasons and having to move with all your belongings. At times buying new furniture when relocating is impractical or you will not keep the furniture enough to justify purchasing it.

  • green house into blue ball with plant
    What to Look For When Reviewing a Written Landscaping Services Estimate

    If you are thinking about improving your property’s landscaping Mississauga, you may be looking for the right landscape firm to hire. For many homeowners, the cost of services is a critical factor to consider when making a hiring decision. With this in mind, you may have already requested written estimates for the completion of the project that you have in mind. While some homeowners may be enticed to look only at the total cost of services when making a hiring decision, it may be best to read through the estimates carefully. As you inspect the estimates, pay attention to these important factors.

  • Scooteretti Ebikes
    The trending features in the modern electric bikes

    With the curtain falling on the Hoverboards, the Electric Bike enthusiasts are looking for the latest trends in the market and fortunately, the manufacturers are coming up with some of the most revolutionary ideas to tap into this market. Electric bikes Vancouver are becoming popular among people from all walks of life, including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Sean Combs, since they come with modern devices that allow them to reach the 20 mph mark.

  • Flooring
    Making Informed Choices on Hardwood Flooring

    Wooden flooring is often considered one of the most beautiful types of decor you can feature in your home. It can be costly to include such flooring in every room in the house, but many find the investment worthwhile in the long-run. If you move to sell your home after a few years, the sustained wood flooring will increase the sell value, allowing you to recoup your investment and acquire more money for a new house. Alternatively, wood flooring simply looks too good to pass up, in most cases. There are some things to know about hardwood flooring, however, such as choosing sustainable options for the long-run.

  • Relaxed happy senior man and woman sitting on couch at home
    How To Prepare Your Home For Senior Care

    Although there are numerous nursing home health care or retirement facilities for senior care available in Canada, many seniors prefer to live with their families or on their own. If you have a senior loved one who wants to move in with you, proper preparation for your home care is must to make sure that it is comfortable and safe for senior caregiving.