How To Prepare Your Home For Senior Care

Although there are numerous nursing home health care or retirement facilities for senior care available in Canada, many seniors prefer to live with their families or on their own. If you have a senior loved one who wants to move in with you, proper preparation for your home is must to make sure that it is comfortable and safe for senior caregiving.

Safety is A Priority

You need to make sure that your home is safe for your senior loved one to move around freely inside and outside your home. Below are some of the key things that you need to check and do to ensure the senior’s safety.

Prepare Your Outdoor Spaces

– Check your pathways for any cracked sidewalks or uneven surfaces as these issues can create a danger zone.
– Repave, reconstruct and smooth out your pathways’ surfaces to make sure that your senior loved one will have an easier mobility.
– To create better footing, add non-slip trips or scrape the surface of your pathways.
– Repair all cracked and uneven areas on the pathways.
– If possible, make a no-rise entry way with ramps toward your door.
– If you have stairs, make sure you add rails on both sides and at least one and a half inch in diameter for easier grips. Increase stair visibility by adding color contrast strips on the stairs’ top and bottom steps.
– Make sure the entryway to your home has a cover in cases of rain and other extreme weather conditions.
– Add or increase lighting on all entryways of your home. Add motion-censored lights and focus the lights on ramps and stairs or front and back door areas.

Prepare Your Indoor Spaces

Most seniors have poor eyesight and decreased mobility. Hence, make sure that your indoor space is clutter and hazard free. Some of the items that may need removal or repair include the following:

– Loose carpet
– Loose or cracked flooring
– Small rugs
– Unsturdy stairways or stair railings
– Raised doorway thresholds
– Poor lighting on the hall way
– Spills on the floor
– Cords on hall ways

Adding non-slip flooring on your entry way or hall way at home is a highly recommended for senior care. Create an area exclusively for your clutters or for making projects.

Install Essential Safety Measures

In case of an accident, adding essential safety measures can be huge help for your senior loved one. These may include installing alarms and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, creating an emergency escape guide, placing multiple fire extinguishers all over the house.

Update Your Bathroom

Bathing and grooming are important aspects of senior care. You want to make sure that your senior is safe when he or she uses the bathroom. Many seniors got injured from falling and other accidents in the bathroom and you certainly do not want this to happen. Hence, make to add the following items and fixtures in your bathroom:

– Grab handles
– Non-skid mats on both inside and outside the shower
– A bench inside the shower
– Long-handled brushes for bathing

Overall, making sure that your home is safe for your senior loved one requires effort, time and money, but it is worth it. It will not only make them safe but also loved. There is nothing worth more than seeing your senior loved one happy.