Making Informed Choices on Hardwood Flooring

Wooden flooring is often considered one of the most beautiful types of decor you can feature in your home. It can be costly to include such flooring in every room in the house, but many find the investment worthwhile in the long-run. If you move to sell your home after a few years, the sustained wood flooring will increase the sell value, allowing you to recoup your investment and acquire more money for a new house. Alternatively, wood flooring simply looks too good to pass up, in most cases. There are some things to know about hardwood flooring, however, such as choosing sustainable options for the long-run.

Sustainable Hardwood

One of the major concerns regarding the use of hardwood in the home is the harvesting aspect. Deforestation, illegal logging, and the loss of slower-growing hardwood trees tend to be difficult to replace. Sustainable wood management addresses all of these problems and the big-picture needs of the world’s forests and ecosystems. Forests are far more than just trees, as they affect the air quality, water purity, and introduce new animal life into an area.


Now, that is not to say you cannot have hardwood flooring in your home. Instead, you should do some research before purchasing to discover exactly where your wood has come from in the world. Exotic woods, like teak and mahogany, are typically harvested from a rare source, not a sustainable one. This contributes to deforestation of the tropical rainforests around the planet, which can adversely impact the local wildlife and ecosystems.

Informed Choice

By making an informed choice and opting to use sustainable wood, you acknowledge the power and force of the natural environment the wood has come from. Practicing sustainable harvesting can ensure proper tree growth from endangered species. Hardwood trees tend to grow far slower than that of softwood, which makes it important to protect such tree species.


Various organizations across the world have implemented regulations on sustainable hardwood harvesting, ensuring the proper methods for cutting down and selling the tree wood are handled. A few sustainable woods include:

  • Oak – A popular type of hardwood that has a decorative grain. Seek oak wood with FSC certification and sources claiming it to be reclaimed or recycled.
  • Mahogany – Mahogany is rich in color and a unique grain. FSC-certified wood comes form South and Central America, Asia, and Africa.
  • White Ash – White Ash is the type of hardwood often used in baseball bats and hockey sticks. The cream coloring makes it popular for furniture and flooring, though.

It is possible to install hardwood flooring in your home by using only sustainable wood sources. This is great for the environment! You may want to visit Fuse Flooring for more info and insights.