The trending features in the modern electric bikes

With the curtain falling on the Hoverboards, the Electric Bike enthusiasts are looking for the latest trends in the market and fortunately, the manufacturers are coming up with some of the most revolutionary ideas to tap into this market. Electric bikes are becoming popular among people from all walks of life, including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Sean Combs, since they come with modern devices that allow them to reach the 20 mph mark.

Wireless Technology
Today, you can get the foldable Scoot, a 39-pound E-Bike, at only $1,600. This bike comes with a wireless key that you can use to charge your smartphone, or even connect to a Bluetooth device. Besides playing your music on a wireless device, the bike travel for 30 miles if you charge it for four hours.

Safety features
Hoverboards were prohibited on various places such as shopping malls, airlines and other public transportation hubs when the electrical faults and flawed batteries caught fire. The E-Bikes come with genuine parts that guarantee your safety while reducing the possibility of vandalism. The manufacturers recommend plugging them throughout the night to keep the batteries in good shape for a long time. Since several States have banned the Hoverboard for safety reasons, many online reviews reveal that the Electric Bike is not only safe but also user-friendly, whether you want it for shorter routes or long escapades. Collision avoidance is another brilliant idea whose time has come, especially in the wake of rising sales in the recent years. With people looking to avoid the traffic jams, these bikes have become the preferred mode of transport, to and from the workplace.

Pedaling options
You have the opportunity to feel the amazing power of such a bike that allows you to shift the gears up to five levels. With the introduction of the pedal assist, you have several riding options to choose from when it comes to pedaling: you can pedal the bike by yourself, pedal with a little help from the motor, or let go and leave the motor to do the job.

There has been an effort to create bespoke bikes from scratch as well as add some devices onto the ordinary bikes to give them raw power. The Omni wheel in particular can work perfectly on any bike and convert it to an electric machine with ease. Once you convert your bike to an electric device, you can install the pedal assist to help you climb the hills effortlessly, or the throttle to reach the 20mph mark on the street. If you want to learn more, Scooteretti is a helpful website with lots of information and resources.