What to Look For When Reviewing a Written Landscaping Services Estimate

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If you are thinking about improving your property’s landscaping, you may be looking for the right landscape firm to hire. For many homeowners, the cost of services is a critical factor to consider when making a hiring decision. With this in mind, you may have already requested written estimates for the completion of the project that you have in mind. While some homeowners may be enticed to look only at the total cost of services when making a hiring decision, it may be best to read through the estimates carefully. As you inspect the estimates, pay attention to these important factors.

The Cost of Labor
Whether you have plans to install a new gazebo, a new patio or new decks, you will find that your estimate is broken down into two sections. The first section will show the cost of labor. Most will show a specific number of man-hours that are estimated for the completion of the work as well as a set hourly rate. If your estimates do now show these figures, ask for an estimate on the completion time for the project. It is wise to ask about how many people will be on-site working your yard and how long the project is expected to take for completion. When you break down the cost of labor by the number of workers, the number of man-hours and the actual labor rate, you can see more clearly which estimate offers the better deal.

The Cost of Materials
Another key factor to focus your attention on is the cost of materials. Most projects will use materials such as plants, mulch, soil, fertilizer and more. Pay attention to how much of each material the contractor is estimating. If you see a major difference between some of the estimates, inquire about the contractor’s need for less or more materials than other companies are using. This may help you to identify which company will offer the best results from their efforts. In addition, some companies charge cost for materials, and others charge a premium.

The Fine Print
One of the most significant factors to look for when reviewing any contractor estimate is the fine print. Some have fine print that states that the estimate is only valid for a specific number of days, and others state that the estimated figure is only an estimate and may change after the work has been completed. This type of clause makes it very easy for companies to change their pricing after the work on your landscape design project has been done, and you may not want to work with a company that includes such wording in their estimates.

Cost is understandably a key factor to focus on when deciding which landscaping company to hire. While the bottom line on an estimate is important to focus your attention on, you can see that analyzing the estimate can be revealing as well. If you visit Royal Decks, their website may provide you with more information.